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Our company is located in Jiading Waigang High-tech Industrial Park, Shanghai. It is approved by Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone and passed environmental impact assessment of Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau. It is the sole high-tech enterprise with license qualifications approved by Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commercefor R&D and production of special alloys such as superalloy, corrosion resistant alloy, precision alloy and titanium alloy.
In order to actively respond to the idea of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries for the “13th Five-Year Plan” proposed by the state, and respond to “Three-Step” strategy of constructing China’s manufacturing for three decades from the“Made in China 2025” plan, the Company actively and orderly develops high-end equipment manufacturing,develops new materials to promote high-tech industry, implements school-enterprise cooperation and jointly establishes “Aerospace Superalloy Application R&D Center” and “Engineering Practice Education Center” with Shanghai Jiaotong University to accelerate industrialization and apply technological advantages to production and market advantages. The Company teams up with technical senior engineers from the former Steel Research Institute, Fushun Special Steel to make use of actual operation and production experience to createspecial alloy products that require harsh and demanding working environment in machinery manufacturing industries such as aerospace, petroleum, petrochemical, electronics, nuclear energy industry, chemical industry, and marine industry.
Because the parts of special alloys work under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, heavy load and gas scouring, it is necessary to consider its performance of high temperature instantaneous strength, durability, creep, fatigue, and consider the problem of high temperature oxidation. The metallurgical quality requirements for such alloy raw materials are very high. In order to obtain alloy of high quality, we must accurately control alloy composition, reduce content of gases, harmful inclusions and non-metallic inclusions in the alloy, and improve the purity of alloy. After years of exploring, our company’s technical process is continuously improved, using vacuum double-connection and triple-process smelting to remove low-melting colored impurities and gases in the alloy that can reduce non-metallic inclusions, and improve crystal structure that significantly improve alloy’s performance of thermal processing. Combined with our professional forging and heat treatment skills, we ensure the quality of final product of alloy.
The Company has strong new technology, new product R&D production capacity and perfect quality assurance system. We passed the latest ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification of China Aviation Integrated Technology Research Institute’s Beijing Aviation Association Certification Center (formerly called Aviation Quality Certification Center). At the same time, we have obtained the national military standard (GJB9001B) quality system certification and the third-level national confidentiality qualification. In 2013, we were awarded the national “High-tech Enterprise” approved by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. In 2015, we were recognized as “specialized, fine, excellent, and new" enterpriseby the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission.
We will continue to meet different needs of our customers, and ensure quality of our products with specifications and standards of special alloy products. We will provide high-quality, high-performance special alloy products and excellent services to all partners, and achieve a win-win principle between companieswith first-class technical support and solutions.