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Standard No. The name of the standard
General technical standards
GB/T14992-2005 Classification and designation of high temperature alloys and intermetallic compounds
GB/T25827-2010 High temperature alloy plate (belt) general technical standards
GB/T25828-2010 High temperature alloy bar general technical standards
GB/T25830-2010 General technical standard for high temperature alloy disc (ring) parts
GB/T25831-2010 High temperature and general technical standards for wire products
GB/T25932-2010 General technical standard for casting high temperature alloy base alloy
GB/T28295-2012 General technical standards for high temperature alloy pipes
GB/T28411-2012 General technical standard for high temperature alloy precision casting structural parts
GB/T28412-2012 High temperature alloy precision casting blade general technical standard
Chemical analysis method
GB/T222-1984 Sampling method and allowable deviation of chemical composition of finished product for chemical analysis of steel
GB/T 223 Chemical analysis of steel and alloy
HB5220-2008 Chemical analysis of high temperature alloys
GB/T25829-2010 Permissible deviation of chemical composition of high temperature alloy products
GJB5307-2004 Allowable deviation of chemical composition of high temperature alloy for aerospace
GJB5404-2005 Analytical method for trace elements of high temperature alloys
HB5406-1988 Test method for casting high temperature alloy ingot slag
HB/Z131-2004 Technical requirements for selecting raw materials for casting high temperature alloys
Metallography, heat treatment, ultrasonic testing methods
GB/T6394-2002 Determination of metal average grain size
GB/T14999.1-2012 Method of longitudinal low magnification testing of deformed high temperature alloys
GB/T14999.2-2012 Transversely low power test method for deformed high temperature alloys
GB/T14999.3-2012 Testing method for vertical fracture of high temperature alloy rod
GB/T1499.4-2012 Method for determination of grain structure and primary carbide distribution of rolled high temperature alloy strip
GB/T14999.6-2012 Method for determination of double grain structure and primary carbide distribution of forged high temperature alloy
GB/T14999.7-2012 Method for determination of grain size, primary dendrite spacing and microporosity of high temperature alloy castings
HB7782-2005 Detection and evaluation of recrystallization in directional solidified leaves
HB6742-1993 Determination of crystal orientation of single crystal blade         X-ray back lauer method
HB6573-1992 Standard reference - ray film for molten steel casting
HB/Z140-2004 High temperature alloy heat treatment process for aviation
GB/T1786-2008 Ultrasonic testing method for forging round cake
GB/T4162-2008 Ultrasonic testing method for forged steel rod
GB/T5777-2008 Ultrasonic testing method for seamless steel tube
GB/T8651-2002 Ultrasonic testing method for metal plate
GB/T7735-2004 Inspection method for eddy current inspection of steel tube
Physical, elastic and chemical test methods
GB/T351-1995 Method for measuring resistance coefficient of metal materials
GB/T3651-2008 Method for measuring thermal conductivity of metal at high temperature
GB/T4339-2008 Determination of thermal expansion characteristic parameters of metal materials
GB/T22315-2008 Elastic modulus of metallic materials and poisson ratio test methods
HB5258-2000 Test method for determination of oxidation resistance of steel and high temperature alloys
HB7740-2004 Test method for thermal corrosion of gas
GB/T15260-1994 Test method for intercrystalline corrosion of nickel-base alloy
Test method for mechanical properties
GB/T230.1-2009 Metal material        Rockwell hardness test
GB/T231.1-2009 Metal material        Brinell hardness test
GB/T4340.1-2009 Metal material        Vickers hardness test
GB/T229-2007 Metal material        Charpy pendulum impact test method
GB/T7314-2005 Metal material        Room temperature compression test method
HB7571-1997 Metal material       High temperature compression test method
GB/T10128-2007 Metal material        Room temperature torsion test method
GB/T6400-2007 Metal material       Shear test method for wire and rivet
GB/T13239-2006 Metal material        Low temperature tensile test method
GB/T228.1-2010 Metal material       Tensile test
GB/T4338-2006 Metal material       High temperature tensile test method
HB5214-1996 Metal material        Room temperature notch tensile test method
GB/T2039-1997 Metal material        Tensile creep and durability test method
GB/T4337-2007 Metal material       Fatigue test rotary bending method
GB/T3075-2008 Metal material        Axial force control method for fatigue test
HB5287-1996 Metal material        Axial loading fatigue test method
HB6660-2011 The sheet metal     Thermal fatigue test method
HB5277-1984 Vibration fatigue test method for engine blade and material
GB/T12443-2007 Metal material       Torsion stress fatigue test method
HB6213-2008 Metal material        Thermal mechanical fatigue test method
GB/T6398-2000 Metal material       Fatigue crack propagation rate test method
HB7680-2000 Metal material        High temperature fatigue crack propagation rate test method
HB7623-1998 Metal material        Creep crack growth rate test method
GB/T7732-2008 Metal material        Test method for fracture toughness of surface crack tensile specimen
GB/T10120-1996 Metal material        Stress relaxation test method
GB/T4156-2007 Metal material        Sheet and tape        Eriksson cup penetration test
GB/T5027-2007 Metal material        Sheet and tape        Determination of plastic strain ratio (x value)
GB/T5028-2008 Metal material        Sheet and tape        Determination of tensile strain hardening index (n value)
Process performance test method
GB/T232-2010 Metal material        Bending test method
GB/T235-1999 Metal material        Repeated bending test method for thin plates and thin strips with thickness equal to or less than 3m
GB/T238-2002 Metal material        wire       Repeated bending test method
GB/T244-2008 Metal tube       Bending test method
YB/T5349-2006 Metal bending       Test method for mechanical properties of flexure
YB/T5293-2006 Metal material        Test method for top forging
GB/T239-1999 Metal material        wire        Torsion test method
GB/T2976-2004 Metal material       wire        Winding test method
GB/T241-2007 Metal tube        Hydraulic test method
GB/T242-2007 Metal tube        Expansion test method